Massage Therapy Blog

A popular treatment choice of athletes, coaches, and followers of alternative medicine, massage therapy offers many health benefits conventional medicine cannot offer.  While many still negate its benefits, one cannot simply deny their efficacy.  The relaxing treatment helps improve and restore the body’s natural abilities, promoting recovery and prevention from injuries caused by poor posture or muscle contusions.  San Diego-based massage therapist Caroline Sturken aims to share more about her profession in this blog.

Sports massage is one of the fields where massage therapists are in demand.  Athletes and their coaches depend on massage treatments to help the body recover from muscle trauma and injuries.  As a massage therapist, Caroline Sturken applies her professional touch on athletes whose bodies are subject to constant muscle tension and trauma.  Massage therapy helps relieve pain and tension in muscles used for hours on end.  Not only does the treatment aid in reducing pain, it also promotes healing and recovery.  Although incredibly popular in sports, people of all ages and from all walks of life can enjoy the benefits of massage therapy. 

Individuals who seek to have better flexibility and increased muscle recovery rate should look into getting regular massage treatments, says Caroline Sturken.  The therapy increase blood circulation, which results to better breathing and improved stamina.  Many individuals require massage therapy to treat injuries caused by bad falls or poor posture.  As massage therapists work on clients with these issues, they also make it a point to treat the root cause: posture.  It is incredibly important that the body is aligned.  This helps prevent the muscles getting locked in awkward positions in order to compensate for bad posture.  Reduced level of flexibility may be common in older adults, but it definitely is not reserved to the age group.  Massage treatments help promote better flexibility in people of all ages and fitness levels.

Relaxation is within the field of expertise of massage therapy.  For Caroline Sturken, helping clients and patients relax is a good reason to keep going in the profession.  Along with relief and relaxation, clients experience stabilized cortisol levels, improved mood, reduced heart rate, decreased blood pressure, and enhanced muscle flexibility among many other health benefits.  Individuals who want to keep their body in great shape must consider receiving massage treatments on the regular.  According to San Diego-based massage therapist Caroline Sturken, maintenance does all the difference in a person’s physical performance, whether they are professional athletes or health buffs looking to make their life better.