Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Blog

An Important Way to Stay Productive and Fit

Caroline Sturken is a massage therapist who has helped countless clients achieve peak physical and mental performance through tried and tested methods.  She has even taken to blogging to share what she knows in hopes of informing people of the many benefits of massage therapy.

For this blog, Caroline Sturken lists a few reasons massage therapy will keep people fit and productive at everything they do.

Massage therapy does wonders for one’s mindset.

A person’s mindset is a huge factor in productivity and performance.  When a person adopts a positive mindset and a go-getter attitude, it will almost always naturally lead to good results.  This is why people need to always keep a positive frame of mind.  However, Caroline Sturken admits that it is never that simple.  Every day, for most people, there are events that transpire and stir up worry and anxiety. 

Massage therapy has been proven to have benefits for one’s mental health.  It is one of the greatest stress-relievers known to man today.  It relaxes people through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.  And a relaxed person can do more and can do better at anything he or she is tasked with doing.

Massage therapy allows the body to recover at a faster rate.

For all athletes and fitness enthusiasts, recovery in between training and games is just as important as anything else they do.  Without the ample time to recover, people cannot achieve peak performance.  Fortunately, massage therapy allows for recovery at a faster rate, giving athletes and fitness enthusiasts more time to train and push their bodies to the limit.

Massage therapy not only relieves people of discomfort after working out; it also improves circulation of blood and oxygen, helps with flexibility and mobility, and lowers the production of lactic acid, all of which bode well for sore and worn muscles.

Massage therapy helps with inflamed joints.

Inflamed joints aren’t just a problem with athletes and fitness enthusiasts – they are a problem for most everyone who is active and mostly of a certain age.  Office workers, blue-collar workers, and senior citizens often experience pain with their joints for one reason or another. 

According to Caroline Sturken, massage therapy has been shown to be incredibly effective in reducing joint inflammation in a person’s body.  It also promotes the growth of new mitochondria, which are units of cells that give the body energy.