Massage Therapy Blog

Over the years, massage therapy has gained popularity as a treatment approach for aches and pains felt by individuals either caused by accidents or simply deterioration.  Massage therapists like Caroline Sturken are professionals in their industry, certified to provide care and treatment to clients and patients that seek their expertise. 

Massage therapy helps relieve anxiety, pressure, and tension in the body.  Individuals who receive regular treatment enjoy increased blood circulation, improved sleep, and better relaxation all over the body.  Common tension points in the body are the head, neck, shoulders, and back.  Massage therapists can relieve these trigger points of tension and discomfort. 

In this blog, readers will know how massage therapists can help roll out the knots found in these areas and other parts of the body where scar tissue may be building up.  One of the most common reasons people seek help from massage therapists is to get rid of muscle tension caused by stress. It is important to remember that massage therapy is not a one-time thing, rather a continuous treatment to ensure that the body is healing as it should.  Massage therapy can be considered a holistic approach to wellness, says San Diego-based massage therapist Caroline Sturken

Poor posture is a major cause of body pain and discomfort.  Pain killers are band-aid solutions to chronic pain caused by bad posture.  Massage therapy sessions can help correct a person’s posture and set them towards recovery.  This kind of treatment ensures an individual’s body is in proper alignment.  When the body is aligned, spasms, strains, and tension pains can be prevented.  While still considered recreational medicine by many health professionals, the long-term benefits of massage therapy should not be discredited, says Caroline Sturken. 

Another topic Caroline Sturken wants to focus on is the importance of massage therapy in athletic performance.  Professional and high-performance athletes and their coaches swear by massage treatments.  High-performance athletes require deep tissue massages after training sessions to help the muscles relax and release tension in order to help with flexibility and recovery.

Caroline Sturken mentions that massage therapy aids in reducing inflammation in muscles.  Strenuous movements take a toll on a person’s body, inducing muscle contusion.  During a massage treatment, trauma caused by such movements can be healed by engaging the release of the energy in charge of generating mitochondria.  The powerhouse of the cell helps generate energy to allow the body to recover from any damage.