Feelin’ Fine: Stress Relief Activities for the Homebody

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Feelin’ Fine: Stress Relief Activities for the Homebody

July 13, 2020 massage therapy stress relief 0
caroline sturken talks about relaxing at home

Massage therapist Caroline Sturken knows how stressful the past few months have been for everyone, what with the global health crisis changing the way people go about their daily lives. 

It’s a good thing, Caroline Sturken explains, that mental health professionals, doctors, therapists, researchers, and other experts have developed many ways to help people lower their stress levels and, sometimes, even eliminate it completely.

Caroline Sturken lists below a number of activities that can relieve some of the stress off many individuals.

1. Exercise

Exercise has always been one of the most reliable stress-relieving activities known to man.  Running, walking, hiking, swimming, biking, boxing, lifting, practicing yoga, and any physical activity that keeps a person in shape, also hold amazing benefits for his or her mind. Caroline Sturken points to recent studies that show how a simple 20-minute walk or jog in a serene area can give a person 12 hours of improved mood.  One of the keys though, is that whatever the exercise is, it has to be enjoyable.

2. Touching base with loved ones

Not only will online meetings with family and friends keep people updated on how everyone is doing, these virtual conversations also provide very much needed “connecting” which people desperately need, especially after being cooped up in their homes for most of the past months.

3. Document events

Just like working out, writing about current events in one’s personal life has been known to be stress-relieving.  Writing gives a person some semblance of control since they are in charge of the details that appear in their journals.  Documenting events according to how a person sees it through his or her eyes also has the power to give them a new or broader perspective of their present situation.

4. Read or watch feel-good stories, films, or shows

Films, shows, and literature have always had a great impact on a person’s mood.  With all the streaming sites today, a subscription can go a long way.  Caroline Sturken mentions that people with subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon, or any other streaming site will do well to look for comedy films and shows, rom-coms, and the like.  It’s also highly recommended that people read books that are funny or light-hearted, to alleviate their own anxieties.  On a related note, Caroline Sturken also suggests people who are already dealing with elevated stress levels stay clear of movies, shows, or literature that feed their negative emotions.

Caroline Sturken is a massage therapist from San Diego, California.  Aside from massage, Caroline is also knowledgeable when it comes to de-stressing.  Learn more about her by visiting this site.