The Importance of Proper Sitting Posture and How to Achieve It

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The Importance of Proper Sitting Posture and How to Achieve It

September 15, 2020 posture 0

As a massage therapist, Caroline Sturken truly believes the mind-body connection.  What the mind thinks, the body feels, and vice-versa.  This is why she believes that, for people to have good mental health, they need to take care of their physical well-being.  And, in today’s world, with the COVID-19 pandemic and all, keeping one’s mental and physical health in tip-top shape is a must.

Caroline Sturken explains that something as simple as proper sitting posture may have a significant effect on one’s physical and in association, mental health.  In fact, the proper sitting posture is even more important than people think. 

Over the past few months, thousands of employees all over the country have been forced to work from home for their own safety, and thousands more have found themselves attending online classes from their own homes. 

According to Caroline Sturken, one of the most common complaints of her clients who have been messaging her online have to do with soreness all over their backs and necks.  The one common thing that she found out was that they were all spending hours on end on their chairs doing work and attending meetings and classes.  Some of her clients complain that sometimes the back and neck pain is severe enough to cause headaches – which, in turn, affect their work or studies.

To help them out, Caroline Sturken lists down a number of ways people everywhere can adjust, achieve proper sitting posture, and get rid of neck and back pain.

  • As much as possible, people shouldn’t sit or lay on the couch with the laptop since there’s a good chance they’ll be straining their neck.  Instead, they should sit on a chair in front of a table.
  • Chairs should be ergonomic, or at least designed to allow people to sit with proper posture.
  • The ideal chair allows for the head to be right above the shoulders and hips, has adequate lumbar support (chair with support, small pillow, or towel roll), positions the arms not too high or low, keeps the feet supported on the ground or footstool, keeps a person sitting evenly and not leaning on one side, keeps the knees at the same height or slightly lower than hips, positions the forearms and thighs parallel to the floor, and positions the elbows approximately 90 degrees.

Caroline Sturken also suggests that people

…position their head approximately an arm’s length away from the screen,

…keep the keyboard and mouse close to each other to avoid reaching,

…avoid sitting longer than an hour at a time,

…take a break of about 10 minutes per hour of sitting, and

…use a hands-free device for long phone calls to avoid straining the neck.

Caroline Sturken is a massage therapist from San Diego, California. She helps clients with body aches and pains, and suggests ways they can improve their posture.  For more about her and the work she does, check out this blog site.